Data Collection and Management

In order to ensure the BMS is collecting high quality and reliable data from all participants who meet inclusion criteria, we provide extensive data collection and management services. These include:

  • Housing of data on web-based platform REDCap
  • Development of paper and pencil surveys and interview forms (BMS data are collected either by paper and pencil, in person or over the phone interviews, or using online surveys).
  • Extensive customizations of REDCap, including custom-designed online surveys that have one item per page and auto-advance, making the survey faster and more user-friendly for participants
  • Development and oversight of all project related databases
  • Data quality measures, such as on-demand and quarterly data checks and double data entry procedures
  • Oversight of BMS Data Committee
  • Provision of secure data servers that are fully HIPAA complaint

Additionally, we provide training to BMS data collectors on a variety of data collection topics, including cultural competency, to ensure that BMS data is representative of all racial and ethnic groups.