BMS Webinars

Are you interesting in using the BMS database but don’t know where to start?

Find out what is in the database and how to access the data by watching our webinar series!

Accessing & Using the Burn Model System Database: A Webinar Series

Part 1: Introduction to the BMS and the BMS National Database: This recording (approximately 17 minutes long) provides background information on the BMS and serves as an introduction to the BMS National Database. Presented by Kara McMullen, MPH.

Part 2: A Case Study in Requesting BMS Data: This recording (approximately 26 minutes long) provides a case study in using the BMS data, from developing research questions to getting a dataset. Presented by Alyssa Bamer, MPH.

Outcome Measures in the Burn Model System: A Webinar: This recording (approximately 55 minutes long) provides background information on collecting outcome measures and provides an overview of outcome measures collected by the BMS, including their reasons for selection. Presented by Dagmar Amtmann, PhD.


We also have webinars about statistics, if you're looking for overviews or refreshers of commonly used statistical analyses.

Statistical Techniques Webinars

The Significance of the P-value: This recording (approximately 32 minutes long) provides an overview of the p-value--what it is and how to use it (and how to not use it). Presented by Andrew Humbert, PhD.