Publications/Projects in Progress

BMS researchers have many current projects underway involving the BMS National Database. This list provides a synopsis of each project, as well as its current status. For more information on any of these projects, email Further down on this page are additional lists of external requests and public access requests for projects utilizing BMS data.

Internal Projects

Title of projectLead centerLead authorNotification date (date of final notice to listserv)Date project information last updatedStatus
Examining the impact of burn injury on marital or long-term relationship status. Are there risk factors for relationship breakdown following burns?BostonJohn T Schulz MD, PhD2017-08-032022-08-09Project on hold
Examination of Pediatric Gender Differences in Return to School and PROMIS Outcomes.BostonJeffrey Schneider, MD2021-06-222022-08-09Project on hold
Chemical Burn InjuriesBostonJeffrey Schneider, MD2019-07-082022-08-09Project on hold
Comparison of long-term burn outcomes before and after the COVID-19 pandemicBostonJeffrey Schneider, MD2020-07-152022-08-09Analyses finished
Long term impacts of tracheostomy post burn injuryBostonJeffrey Schneider, MD2020-11-172022-08-09Completed paper circulated to co-authors
Impact of distance to treatment center on the long term outcomes of burn patientsBostonJeffrey Schneider, MD2020-11-132022-12-02Accepted/Published/Project completed
Representativeness studyNDSCAndrew Humbert, PhD2016-09-012022-08-09Analyses finished
Correlates of post-traumatic growth in a pediatric burn survivor populationUTMBTBD2020-07-312022-08-09Project on hold
Relationships between depression and PROMIS physical Function in childrenUTMBChizorbam Diribe2020-11-232022-08-09Discussion complete
Strength of association between body mass index and physical function, and fatigue scores for adults with burnsUTMBAlen Palackic2021-06-212022-08-09Introduction complete
Strength of association between body mass index and physical function scores for pediatric burn patientsUTMBRontoyanni VG2020-07-312022-08-09Accepted/Published/Project completed
Effects of TBSA burn size on PROMIS-25 (physical function subscale) scores for pediatric burn patientsUTMBOscar Suman, PhD2020-06-122022-08-09Revisions in progress
Relating Questionnaires to Objective Scar Assessments (UTMB Data Only)UTMBCeleste Finnerty, PhD2017-12-312022-08-09Analysis underway
Occurrence of major amputations in pediatric electrical burns versus other thermal burns UTMBTBD2017-09-072022-08-09Analysis underway
The effect of comorbid conditions on discharge and long-term outcomes in patients with burn injury (UTMB Data Only)UTMBSteven Wolf2016-06-272022-08-09Analysis underway
Long Term Physical and Mental Health Outcomes of Older Adults Following a Major Burn InjuryUTSWKaren Kowalske2013-07-242022-12-02Analysis underway
Establishing a Collaborative Genomic Repository for Adult Burn Survivors: A Burn Model System Feasibility StudyUWNicole Gibran, MD; Stephen Sibbett2020-09-212022-08-09Submitted
The Association of Return to School with Psychosocial Outcomes in Pediatric Burn SurvivorsUWBarclay Stewart, MD2020-06-122022-08-09Project on hold
Community Integration in Adolescents After Burn Injury: A Burn Model Systems National Database ReportUWMallory Smith MD; Barclay Stewart, MD2020-06-122022-08-09Completed paper circulated to co-authors
Defining Numerical Cut Points for Mild, Moderate, and Severe Pain in Adult Burn Survivors: A Northwest Regional Burn Model System UWGretchen Carrougher2020-08-212022-08-09Submitted
Knowledge translation and consumer testing of burn-related educational factsheets: moving toward global dissemination of Burn Model System productsBMS KT committeeGretchen Carrougher, MN, RN2022-08-09Analysis underway
Disparities in discharge disposition: A Burn Model Systems National Database StudyUWStephanie Mason2019-06-012022-08-09Discussion complete
Patient reported quality of life after burn injuryUWEli Luna, UW MS; Nicole Gibran2019-06-302022-08-09Accepted/Published/Project completed
The impact of burn survivor pre-injury income and payer status on health-related quality of life outcomesUWClifford Sheckter, MD2021-04-202022-08-09Accepted/Published/Project completed
Impact of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)/Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDRO) colonization on health-related quality of life and other scar-related outcomesUWNicole Gibran MD, FACS2021-01-142022-08-09Analyses finished
Race, community characteristics and recovery after burn injury: A Burn Model System National Database StudyUWNicole Gibran MD, FACS2021-01-222022-08-09Analyses finished
Incidence and correlates of 'failure to recover' after burn injury: a case-control study of the Burn Model System National Longitudinal DatabaseUWBarclay T. Stewart MD, MPH, PhD2021-07-212022-08-09Analyses finished
Pain Medication Use at Follow-Up & Associations with Long-Term OutcomesBostonJeffrey C. Schneider, MD2021-07-222022-08-09Completed paper circulated to co-authors
Military Status and Burn InjuriesBostonColleen M. Ryan, MD2021-07-222022-12-02Completed paper circulated to co-authors
Validation of PROMIS-25 among pediatric burn survivorsNDSCDagmar Amtmann, PhD2021-08-032022-12-02Submitted
The impact of insurance disparities on burn injuries and long-term outcomesBostonAnupama Mehta, MD2021-04-012022-08-09Analyses finished
Employment Outcomes by Occupation Type Pre- and Post-Burn InjuryBostonJeffrey C. Schneider, MD2021-07-132022-08-09Completed paper circulated to co-authors
Outcomes of amputation following electrical burn injuries: A five-year follow-upUTSWKaren Kowalske, MD2021-09-232022-08-09Accepted/Published/Project completed
Demographic Comparisons Among Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and Major Burn Injury Patient PopulationsUTSWKaren Kowalske2022-05-132022-12-02Analyses finished
Etiology of Burns in Similar Groups of Pediatric PatientsUTSWKaren Kowalske2022-05-172022-08-09Dataset generated and provided
Analyzing the influence of racial and ethnic characteristics on pain interference and quality of life in burn survivorsUWBarclay Stewart, MD, PhD2021-09-182022-08-09Analyses finished
Psychosocial Wellbeing in Pediatric Patients after Burns: A Burn Model System StudyUSCHaig Yenikomshian2022-06-062022-12-02Analyses finished
Fatigue and Itch Scores in Racial and Ethnic Minorities: A Burn Model System StudyUSCHaig Yenikomshian2022-06-062022-12-02Analyses finished
Weight change in burn survivors and relationship with other long-term outcomesBostonColleen M. Ryan, MD 2022-06-282022-08-09Analysis underway
Long-term sexual satisfaction outcomes and the relationship to other long-term outcomes among burn survivorsBostonJeffrey C. Schneider, MD 2022-08-012022-07-29Dataset generated and provided
An examination of factors predicting prolonged rehabilitation time within the burn population.BostonJeffrey C. Schneider, MD 2022-08-082022-08-09Dataset generated and provided
An examination of the characteristics of historically marginalized burn injured patients that are associated with lost to follow-up and their functional outcomesBostonJeffrey C. Schneider, MD2022-08-102022-08-09Dataset generated and provided
Care Discontinuity in Burn PatientsBostonAnupama Mehta, MD2022-08-112022-08-09Dataset generated and provided
The impact of workers' compensation on return to work and QALYs compared to other payer types for all pre-injury working adultsUWBarclay T. Stewart MD, PhD, MPH, Caitlin Orton MPH2022-07-282022-08-09Analysis underway
Predictors of Anxiety Outcomes at Discharge, Six Months, One Year and Two Years after Injury in Adult Burn Survivors'UTSWKaren Kowalske, MD2022-08-012022-08-09Dataset generated and provided
Health-Related Quality of Life in burn injury survivors: How does this Population Compare to Population-based Norms and other Injury Populations across Different Health Domains?NDSCDagmar Amtmann, PhD2022-03-142022-08-09Analyses finished
Trajectories of Physical Health-Related Quality of Life among Adults Living with Burn Injuries: A Burn Model System National Database Investigation to Improve Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Service Delivery StrategiesUWShelley Wiechman PhD2015-09-012022-08-09Submitted
Disparities in Outcomes in Burn Patients with Limited English Proficiency: A Burn Model System StudyUSCHaig A. Yenikomshian2022-11-292022-12-02Dataset generated and provided
Heterotopic Ossification on Physical and Psychosocial Outcomes: A Burn Model System StudyUSCHaig A. Yenikomshian2022-11-292022-12-02Dataset generated and provided
The Impact of Hearing and Vision Issues on Social Integration and Health Related Quality of Life After a Burn InjuryUWBarclay T. Stewart MD, PhD, MPH2023-02-222023-02-24
Numerical Cutpoints for Mild, Moderate and Severe Pain in a Diverse Burn Model System Study CohortUWBarclay T. Stewart MD, PhD, MPH2023-02-082023-02-24Project on hold
Neuropathic pain after burn injury: incidence and risk factorsSCBMS Haig A. Yenikomshian2023-02-012023-02-24Dataset generated and provided
Factors Associated with Voice Change in the Burn PopulationBostonColleen M. Ryan, MD2023-01-232023-02-24Analysis underway
An Examination of Balance Problems in the Burn PopulationBostonColleen M. Ryan, MD2023-01-232023-02-24Analysis underway

External Projects

Title of projectLead centerLead authorNotification date (date of final notice to listserv)Date project information last updatedStatus
Social participation of burn survivors in Qu?bec: analysis of personal and environmental determinantsCIRRIS-Universit? Laval (Quebec, CA)2017-08-312020-04-14Analyses finished
SES and outcomes in burn injuryOhio State UniversityAmalia Cochran2019-12-302019-12-27Dataset generated and provided
Marital status and pain controlOhio State UniversityAmalia Cochran2019-12-302019-12-27Dataset generated and provided
Capstone ProjectANHCChristyne Kyper2020-02-072020-02-07Dataset generated and provided
Effects of the number of trips to operating room on physical and psychosocial recovery after burns in adults at hospital dischargePeking UniversityPu Wang2020-04-292020-04-29Dataset generated and provided
Does social stigma, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or post-traumatic growth mediate or moderate the relationship between body image and community integration among burn survivors?Dell Medical School, University of TexasTom Crijns2020-09-172020-09-17Dataset generated and provided
Is random forest or logistic regression modelling more accurate in calculating mortality?Glasgow Caledonian UniversityAnthony Narloch2020-12-182021-06-17Dataset generated and provided
Quality of Life Assessments in Pediatric Burn PatientsMedical University of South CarolinaSally Miller2021-02-112021-06-17Dataset generated and provided
Stigma, trauma, and peer support as predictors of post-traumatic growth after burn injuryWayne State UniversityJulie Hanna2022-01-072022-01-07Dataset generated and provided
Burn Severity and PTSD in burn survivors: the role of StigmaDankook UniversityGyeongho Son2022-08-092022-07-29Dataset generated and provided
The association between psychological distress and burn location among adult outpatient burn survivors Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Erika M. Rajo, PsyD2022-10-262022-10-27Dataset generated and provided
Incidence of Amputations and Psychosocial Consequences in Burn PatientsUniversity of Texas Medical BranchOscar Suman2022-12-202022-12-20Dataset generated and provided
The Association Between TBSA Burned and Patient-Reported Physical FunctionUniversity of Texas Medical BranchOscar Suman2022-12-202022-12-20Dataset generated and provided
Incidence of Amputations and Psychosocial Consequences in Burn PatientsUTMBOscar Suman, PhD2022-12-202023-02-24Analysis underway
The Association Between TBSA Burned and Patient-Reported Physical FunctionUTMBOscar Suman, PhD2022-12-202023-02-24Analysis underway

Public Data Access Projects

Title of projectDescription of projectInstitutionInstitution typeLead authorDate dataset provided
Wound closure rate in burned children below the age of 1 yearProject aiming to evaluate the wound closure rates in this patient population.Wyss ZurichAcademicSilvia St?deli2019-09-30
Group-based trajectories of cognitve outcomes as mediated by socioemotional functions following pediatric moderate to severe burn injuriesProject will analyze the cognition functions among children with moderate to severe burn injuries 6-17 years old.Nationwide Childrens HospitalNon-profit organizationJiabin Shen2019-11-12
Quality improvement programProject is aiming to compare their facility to major North American burn centers for acute care and rehab outcome measures.Centre d'expertise pour victimes de br?lures graves de l'Ouest du Qu?bec (Montreal Burn Center)Non-profit organizationIan Fabi2019-11-20
Long-term outcomes of patients treated for burn injuries at the Alaska Native Medical CenterStudy is using the database for comparison purpores to help implement a prospective data base.Alaska Native Medical Center and Robert Morris UniversityNon-profit organizationChristyne Kyper2020-01-23
Burn Management Needs AssessmentRequest is to understand the prevalence of burns.Creighton UniversityAcademicCam Boehm2020-01-31
Comparison of Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Burn Patients by Burn Type and DemographicsThis research study will look more generally at the clinical outcomes of pediatric burn patients.University of North Carolina School of MedicineAcademicAlexa Dagmar Holloway2020-02-12
Burn location and total body surface area with risk for venous thromboembolism after burnThe purpose of this study is to investigate whether the occurrence of VTE is related to the site and total body surface area (TBSA) of burnsPeking University Third HospitalAcademicPu Wang2020-03-24
Development of machine learning algorithms to predict length of stay after burnsAnalysis of demographic and other variables in order to build machine learning models for predicting burn patient length of stay.Curtin UniversityAcademicJonathan Ieuan Morgan2020-05-28
Psychological care of burn patients after clinical dischargeBackground data to understand psychological care of burn patients after dischargeFuzhou UniversityAcademicXu Lin2020-08-12
Use of PROs/BSHS to provide optimal occupational therapy interventionsThe goal of this study is to provide a resource for occupational therapists working with burn survivors utilizing the BSHS-B/PROMIS for daily clinical decision makingMedical Universtiy of South CarolinaAcademicDanielle Altman-Gajowka2020-09-04
Inhalation injury confirmed by broncoscopy in patients administered in a burns ICUAim of this project is to study inhalation injury in a burn survivor populationHospital Estadual de Urg?ncias da Regi?o Noroeste de Goi?nia Governador Ot?vio Lage de Siqueira - HUGOLAcademicLaisa dos Santos Nogueira2020-11-02
Use of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures to Provide Optimal Occupational Therapy Intervntions in Adult Burn CareAim is to create an outcomes based resource the OTs can use to provide appropriate interventionsMedical University of South CarolinaAcademicDanielle Altman-Gajowka2020-11-04
Factors influencing prognosis of burn patientsGoal is to assess factors influencing prognosis of burn survivorsThe first Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu Medical CollegeNon-profit organizationlaitianlun2020-11-25
The Use of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures to Provide Optiomal Interventions In Adult Burn CareTo use rasch analysis on data regarding PTSD to understand how interventions can be used to better help burn survivors.Medical University of South CarolinaAcademicDanielle Altman-Gajowka2021-01-07
Comparing Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Mental Illness Outcomes for Burn VictimsUsing the database for longitudinal patient level data with variables containing information relating to burn victim's clinical and psychological assessments, outcomes in terms of mental health issues,The University of Texas at San AntonioAcademicGeorge Shibley2021-01-31
Burn reviewUsing dataset to review types and degrees of burnMpectCommercial organizationManoj Karamch2021-06-03
Improving lives of burn patientsUsing dataset to determine if there are areas of improvement to focus uponMyJalNon-profit organizationMaanav Karamchandani2021-06-04
Prognosis of burn patients in different age groupsUsing dataset to determine prognosis in different age groupsJilin UniversityNon-profit organizationXi Zhang2021-06-16
Predictive survival model in burn patientsTo create a predictive model to indicate the outcome of a burn injuryHospital Geral de Vila PenteadoNon-profit organizationNelo Galvani Neto2021-09-30
Prevalence of Burn Injuries in United StatesTo gain an understanding of the prevalence of burn injuries in the United StatesElan Legal MediaCommercial organizationAlexander Stephens2021-09-30
Addressing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) within Occupational Therapy Treatment for Adult Burn SurvivorsUsing the PCL to help integrate interventions for adults burn survivors with PTSDMedical University of South CarolinaNon-profit organizationDanielle Altman-Gajokwa2021-12-07
Burn Rehabilitation In-ServiceAim is to understand the rehabilitation of burn patients from a PT perspectiveMissouri State UniversityAcademicAustin Holland2021-12-11
Quality of Life Assessments in Pediatric Patients with Burn InjuriesDevelopment of keyform ability maps based on item response theory to evaluate psychosocial factors in pediatric patients following burn injury.Medical University of South CarolinaAcademicSally Miller2022-01-14
Neuro-traumaAnalysis of BMS as related to neuro-trauma (SCI). Clemson UniversityAcademicSushant Sawant2022-01-30
Quality of Life and Long-Term Outcomes of Burn SurvivorsQuality of life outcomes after burn injuryCarle Illinois College of MedicineAcademicDaniel Najafali2022-01-31
Longitudinal Trajectories of Employment among Adults with Burn InjuryIdentification of trajectories of employment among adults with burn injury, utilizing a combination of growth curve modeling and subsequent mixture modeling and/or cluster analysis.University of MichiganAcademicTed Allaire2022-02-01
Impact of BMI on Outcomes for BurnsUnderstanding the impact of Body Mass Index (Underweight, Normal, Obese) on the rehabilitation and follow up outcomes of burn patients, utilizing demographics, hospitalization and rehabilitation data. Carle Illinois College of MedicineAcademicVignesh Alla2022-02-19
A novel nomogram predicting neck burn scar contracture outcomeThis research aimed to identify risk factors associated with post-burn contractures in the neck, and to establish a novel nomogram to predict neck burn scar contracture outcome.Chinese Academy of Medical SciencesAcademicRui Li2022-05-31
MSAIIdentification of burn sizeUNTAcademicAbhijit Talluri2022-06-02
Segmentation of Burn Skin using lightweight Deep learning ModelSegmentation of Burn Skin using lightweight Deep learning ModelUniversity of Global VillageAcademicNosin Ibna Mahbub2022-06-06
Burn modelingBurn modelingEngeniumCommercial organizationAaron Cadotte2022-06-22
Skin burn recognition and classification based on a deep learning convolutional networkSkin burn recognition and classification based on a deep learning convolutional networkTHISAcademicJinao Wang2022-06-24
Burn Area Surface and depth automatizationAutomatizing the area and depth calculation of burned injuries for patients in Colombia, specifically in rural areas where the medical staff might be unqualified.Universidad de los AndesAcademicIsai Chacon2022-08-10
Burn and sepsisBurn and sepsisCapital Medical UniversityAcademicHui Zhou2022-11-17
Life Expectancy ProjectThe Life Expectancy Project specializes in studying life expectancy of persons with injuries and medical conditions. See We have worked extensively with researchers at the TBI and SCI models systems and would now like to examine life expectancy following burn injuries. Life Expectancy ProjectNon-profit organizationJordan Brooks2022-12-05