Jeff Witzel

Jeff Witzel, BS,  has been with the Center for Technology and Disability Studies (CTDS) since 2002.  As Director of Information Technology, he is responsible for the design and operation of CTDS computing infrastructure across all branch office and remote office locations.  He manages the day-to-day operations of a large Windows domain and supporting server systems, and coordinates all core liaisons between departmental computing efforts and parallel services at the larger University of Washington and Medical Center computing facilities.  He has served as the technical lead on nearly all Web-enabled projects originating from CTDS, encompassing over 20 individual Web sites, two database platforms, and a variety of supporting technologies. He earned his B.S. in Informatics from the UW Information School in 2002, where he continues to develop and teach courses in programming and Web development in conjunction with UW Educational Outreach. He has developed entire systems for data collection from the ground up which are currently running across national NIDILRR-funded regional ADA Centers, providing ongoing training and implementation services. Within the REDCap environment, he has become a regular attendee of the REDCap Conference, participating in the Admins and Technical threads, and has become highly proficient with the extensible programming features of REDCap.