Statistical and Analytical Expertise

Our team has extensive analytical experience, including expertise in the following areas:

  • Regression Analyses
  • Longitudinal Data Analyses
  • Receiver Operating Curve (ROC) Analyses
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Item response theory (IRT) and differential item functioning (DIF)
  • Linking scores from different scales
  • Qualitative Analyses
  • Power Analyses

Here are a few examples of analyses we have conducted for publications:

We also provide statistical analysis services to organizations outside the BMS at a cost. Please contact us at to learn more about this services, including information on pricing.

Scale Development

We  have the experience to create new scales when necessary. Dr. Amtmann was a part of the PROMIS initiative and has extensive experience in scale development for people with MS, epilepsy, and other conditions.  We have recently developed proxy- and self-report scales to measure itch interference in children with burn injuries. The scales are free, and are posted here for public use: